A Rational Look at Vaccines



  A. Intoduction
  B. Data to get you Thinking
  C. Vaccine Science is not settled
  D. Are Vaccines Our Greatest Achievement?
  E. Your Doctor is a “Victim of his Training”
  F.  Mandatory Vaccination
  G. Industry Funded Science
  H.  Downsides to Vaccines (side effects)
  I .  Alternate Vaccine Schedules
  J.  Can you trust the CDC and HC
       Fantastic Appendix


NACI= National Advisory Committee on Immunization, in Canada, with Health Canada(NACI and ACIP are the people who decide what vaccines your child gets.)
ACIP=  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice, in the US, with the CDC
AMA =American Medical Ass.
AAP=American Academy of Pediatricians
CPS= Canadian Pediatric Society
CDC= When I say CDC, I am referring to the ‘US’  Centre for Disease Control
HC= Health Canada
VICP= Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US.

Vaccines have helped rid us of infectious diseases. Polio, smallpox, diphtheria, all gone.  But at what cost?  Why would you think we get a “free ride” with vaccination?  We don’t with any other medical intervention.

“Vaccines are our greatest achievement”.  “Vaccines have damaged a generation of children”.  What’s the truth?
 It is somewhere in the middle?  It is not a black or white issue like the media makes out.

Have we exchanged infectious diseases for chronic diseases?  Vaccines have helped rid us of infectious diseases, but are they causing chronic disease?

Vaccines are by their very nature risky, that’s why there is so much controversy over them.  

16% of parents now ask for alternate vaccine schedules.  That is what I want to help promote.  The delaying of some vaccines, getting them one at a time, and skipping some.  How bad are the side effects, are there too many vaccines, and more. 
#1..https://www.aap.org/en-us/professional-resources/Research/pediatrician-surveys/pages/vaccine-refusals.aspx  Under Results says  87% of pediatricians  now say they have had a parent refuse some vaccines,  and paediatricians  report 14% of parents refused one or more vaccines. Then says in 2013 16% of parents asked for a alternate vaccine schedule for one or more vaccines.(See link #5 as well)
Do we need so many vaccines?  We have twice as many vaccines as we did 30 years ago, we are long past the original few vaccines we made for the most dangerous  diseases.
Most infectious diseases would not even be a big problem any more,(chart 1) we have cleaned up our act, streets are not running with sewage, we know how to control outbreaks, and we have great medical knowledge.  (Section i talks about skipping some vaccine)

The US has more vaccines on kids schedule than any other country and Canada is close behind.  In Canada or the US, you dare to suggest “do we really need the Rotavirus vaccine, the Hep A, or Chicken Pox vaccine,” you are flayed alive by a shocked commentary.
Wait a minute!! Sweden and a number of European countries do not even have these vaccines on the kids schedule and they are doing fine, actually better than us.  So why are you so upset at me for talking about it.  This all shows how everyone has been brain washed and logical thought is gone.

-This is what I want to promote in this website.  It is time to change the kids vaccination schedule.  We should aim for as few as possible until kid is over 2 years old, and get rid of mandatory vaccination. We can safely delay some vaccines now. Not all of them. Others we can totally skip or leave until they are in there teens or an adult and they can make their own choices.(Section i has more detail and links)  Vaccines should also be given one at a time, at least a month apart.

The CDC and HC are still stuck in the past, have a one size fits all mentality and are under constant pressure from the Industry.  This is 2018, not 1910.
How safe are vaccines?  The CDC and HC, Health Canada, like to make out there is a one in a million chance of a serious adverse event from a vaccine, and that is what your doctor is taught.  If this were true, none of this would matter, but its not true!  There is no data to support that.
See next two links below, I will have much more on this in Section H.
#2.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/no-fault-compensation-urged-for-those-injured-by-vaccines/article622341/  Bottom of this article says: “Canadian Paediatric Society- CPS, estimates that of the 400,000 children immunized each year in Canada, 5 will suffer a permanent injury. So that is 1 in 80,000 will have a Permanent injury.  I have much more on this later, and will show 1 in 80,000 is way too low.
 The flip side to this is that if you do not get a measles vaccine for example, and get measles, there is 1 chance in 3000 of dying of measles.  But, flip it again, what is the chance of your kid getting measles today if you delay this vaccine two years? One in 5 million?
   Now that the vaccines have rid us of measles it is now safe to delay this vaccine for 2 years, which is much safer for the kid. If you live in a area that is having a rare outbreak of measles, then don’t delay it.  Lets get away from this one size fits all mentality of the CDC.

 There is more to this, much new research is coming out now showing potential long term problems with vaccines, especially with some of the “live vaccines like the mmr” and the aluminum containing vaccines.   See section H for more on this and the Appendix.
Another example of a vaccine you can delay, is the Polio vaccine.  It can be safely delayed or even skipped altogether.
The current US schedule give’s the polio vaccine at 2 and 4 months old. Your kid is not going to get polio if you delay the shot 3 years.  Because thanks to vaccines, polio has disappeared in North America.

   Link #89 below, “the Polio Eradication Program”, shows there is now only 3 countries with a handful of polio cases, Nigeria ,Afganistan and Pakistan and these cases are under control, so, no, polio is not only a plane ride away.
The risk from the vaccine on a 2 month old is now much greater than the risk of polio today. “All choices have risk”.

This study is another eye opener.  
#2a. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22174753  This Canadian study, which 11 doctors signed, says “1 in 168 kids vaccinated at their 12 month doctor visit for the MMR vaccine will end up in the emergency room,” 
There are many more studies like this, I have some more in appendix.

All the adverse events, or side effects talked about so far are the immediate ones, ones that show up in the first month after immunization. These are the only one’s monitored.  Read the important link# 25 below from the CDC.  It gives you a whole new look at adverse events.
The adverse events that happen in the first month are all that are studied. There is almost no studies on long term or chronic problems from vaccines. Must read is Link #25, it shows there could be over 50 long term health problems caused by vaccines, and the CDC at this links says “there is no or inadequate research to form a conclusion.”  Up to 50% of kids now have at least one chronic health problem(Link #’s 10,11,12,13.)
Do you honestly believe that giving a 2 month old infant 4 or 5 vaccines in one go, is safe?   Hep B vaccine, Rotavirus, DtaP, Hib, PCV13 and Polio are on th US schedule for the tiny 2 month infant.  Three of those vaccines have the neuro-toxin, aluminum, along with other nasty stuff.(Link #8 for list of ingredients)
As I said above, we may have exchanged infectious diseases for chronic diseases.  I think we can find a compromise somewhere in the middle.

 You don’t hear about vaccine injuries because it is considered not in the public interest to report them. “protect the vaccination program at all costs”. You may read one story a year in the media.(See link #58)  And injuries are poorly tracked.(Links 16 & 17)
Goto “YouTube”, type in “Vaccine Injured child”, you get thousands of hits.
     I will show there is some risk from vaccines.  The disease was more dangerous than the vaccine, but thanks, in part, to vaccines infectious disease is now 99.9% gone, so now the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease and it is now time to minimize the side effects as well.  There is lots we can do.

    No the ACIP and NACI, the people who decide what vaccines we get, are not doing a good job for us. The ACIP has been under investigation for conflicts of interest over and over, they are out of touch.  Facts and links at section J. 
     NACI’s twelve members are staffed with industry heavy weights, fully vested in vaccines.
 Read the bio’s here on each of the members of NACI.  One is a pharmacy rep, another is a rep for the trade organization CPS, the Canadian Petdiatric Society.  Not one of these career experts would dare say a negative thing about vaccines.   There is no one there to represent your kid.

ACIP and NACI, US and Canada immunization advisory groups, both say there is only one safe vaccine schedule to follow.  How can that be true!  Canada and US schedules have many differences.  The same with European countries there are many schedules.  So how can they say there is only one safe schedule?(see comments at link #14a below) Many wealthy European countries have many less vaccines on their schedule than the US and are healthier.
    I know some countries have different issues, but these are minor.  Is all of Canada so different from the US?  The US has many different regions, yet the kids all get the same vaccine schedule.
Are we suppose to follow everything the ACIP or NACI tells us, without question?  Because that’s the narrative out there.   Since when do they get a free pass?  We question everything else the government tells us, and with good reason. 

Notice that everything I say in this post is backed up with good sources, like the CDC,  Health Canada, Scientific studies and major news sources. No anti-vax sites.
Note:  I am still editing this site, so stuff missing and errors still. I threw all my thoughts and science here and am now cleaning it up and adding and subtracting.
This is a complicated subject and even the experts often disagree.

Link #5.  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/vsus/vsrates1940_60.pdf See pages 83 to 86. This page loads really slow, patience.

Shows how many deaths before measles vaccine came out. As you can see from chart 1, deaths from measles had dropped over 95% before the vaccine was even invented.  I just showed the measles chart, but this also applies to the other infectious diseases like Diphtheria. See link 5 above for more charts.

CHART 1   This is from link 5 above.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 Measles
Measles vaccine started 1963

This is the chart anti-vaxers like to show.  It is measles mortality.  This chart from the CDC in the US shows there were 8 to 11 thousand  deaths from measles a year around 1900, and by 1960, just before the vaccine came out, the death rate had dropped over 95%. The measles vaccine came out in 1963 and had widespread use by about 1968, and the death rate dropped to zero. This chart is not shown in schools or to your doctor in medical school.
The AntiVaxers then say vaccines had little to do with the big drop in measles deaths. Which is true.   But there is much more to this.

Why did the death rate of measles drop over 95% before the vaccine came out? Because we cleaned up our act, no more open sewers, less crowded living conditions,  good water for washing and drinking, better food, many reasons.
The above information also applies to all the infectious diseases, including the ones we don’t normally use vaccines for, like typhoid and scarlet fever, cholera.  All these diseases went from thousands of deaths to almost zero on there own.

Chart 2  is the one the pro-vaxers like to show.  It shows that we were getting measles frequently right up to when the vaccine was put to use.  Then measles cases dropped to near zero.  The  measles vaccine stopped measles cases in its tracks.  The vaccine works, and is about 90 to 95% effective.  The pro-vaxers never mention chart 1 above and the anti-vaxers never mention chart 2.

So the measles vaccine while it was not responsible for the huge drop in the death rate over the years, it did stop us from getting the measles, and did prevent those last few hundred deaths a year, and almost no one gets the measles now.

Chart 2



Chart 3 below, shows how many deaths there were from infectious diseases when each vaccine came out.  I will just look at measles as it is the biggest problem and what I say  about it will mostly apply to the other diseases.  This chart came from here.                  Link #7 http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/209448

For a laugh read the Results section of Link 7. xxx

Chart 3

Before and After vaccine

What would happen today, if we never had a measles vaccine?

Chart 3 shows that by the time the measles vaccine came out, deaths had dropped to about 450 deaths a year and that’s with the population steadily increasing. Would this death total have kept dropping?  Why would it just stop at at 1963, the vaccine date?  Lets will go with 450 deaths and assume it would not have dropped any lower.

Given that we would have about 450 measles deaths a year if we had no measles vaccine, what is you actual chance of dying?  With a population of 315 million now, that would mean you have about 1.3 chance in a million of dying of measles.  This is math I have never seen on the CDC web site.

Getting measles can occasionally have serious problems, like pneumonia or encephalitis. But how often? Back in the 1950’s before the vaccine they say it was about 1 in a 1000 and the officials still quote that figure. But would that be accurate in 2017 with modern medicine? We don’t know because few people get measles now.(And stats from Ethiopia don’t count).
No one died in the recent Disney land measles outbreak. Were there any serious side effects?  I am sure the media would have been shouting from the roof tops if there had been.

If we had no measles vaccine, all our kids would be getting measles, just like they use to pre 1963.  After they get it they have life long immunity to ever getting it again.  If it is one on a thousand gets a serious side effect from measles, and 1.3 in a million die, that is not great, and I would say keep the vaccine.


Next we need to determine if there is a down side to the measles vaccine which is combined in the MMR vaccine(measles mumps rubela).  I don’t think you can get the measles vaccine by itself anymore unfortunately.
-You see the CDC and Health Canada put out stories saying how vaccines have saved and us and they have no side effects other than a sore arm. This does not alleviate your concerns does it. You show  them all the injurys in the VICP, the lawyers list I have, the 90% under reporting, etc. They ignore your concerns that they rely heavily on Industry funded studies and ignore all the  studies you see.

HC likes to say that vaccine side effects are rare and measles is more dangerous. But is it? Lets look at the math. I know they have never done it.  I showed above that you have about 1.3 chances in a million of dying of measles with no vaccine.
2XXXXXXXXXXances in a million is rare actually more rare than serious adverse events from the vaccine.(put link that shows mmr vaccine has chances in 300,000 of serious events) This turns on its head what you usually hear about vaccines.

Link #7MMR vaccine adverse events 1   Page1 right side, says mmr vaccine has 3.2 serious events per 100,000 and majority are neurological or allergic.
-Perhaps we need to separate the measles vaccine from the mmr like it used to be in the 1970’s. And just give the measles to infants and give the mumps and rubella later. You will notice that most of the objections to this idea are that it is inconvenient, they don’t care about your kid.

-Above i listed the common side effects, the CDC aknowledges. If we just go with them, the risk/benefit ratio is in favour of the vaccine.

-But there appears to be many new studies showing there could be many more problems.

-I have showed the adverse events the CDC admits to, now lets look at the VICP and VAERS events.

-They have this attitude they can’t possibly be wrong, even thought much of what they say is. they have fallen for there own propaganda. They have been accused of ignoring any study that does not support their point of view.
-Vaccines have done wonders, but at what cost.
-Do we really think that you get a free ride with vaccines, no side effects other than a sore arm?
-People will say that vaccines cause far less harm than the diseases they prevent. must deal with this, whats the truth?
-Remember how long the system took before they said alright smoking does cause lung cancer. can’t trust the system.
-many mothers are now vaccinating their kids with a modified vaccination schedule
-The anti-vaccine movement has not done a good job of presenting its case, it needs to stick to facts, original sources and not be linked to other antivax sites if it wants credibility.
-They removed thimerosal from vaccines, and then used aluminum, so substituded one neuro toxin for another.
-Industry studies say vaccines are totally safe, but we look at VICP and the lawyer site and see tones of problems
-Anti Vaxers have done a poor job of presenting their case.
-Our doctors and Health Canada have huge credibility problems. Vioxx for ex. they completely ignore all the hundreds of studies showing vaccine problems and hundreds of PHD’s who did these studies. Are all those doctors idiots?
-The truth, like always is somewhere in the middle.
-Do not lump all vaccines together, each is different, has its own unique problems and how well they work. Look at the DTP it had tons of bad side effects until they changed it to DTaP. But this one not work as well.
-There is a lot to be said for modifying our vaccination schedule. It is based on old knowledge when these diseases were everywhere. We don’t need to give a kid a polio vaccine at 6 months old, 50 years ago yes but not today, he is not going to get polio if you wait a year or two. And if your not taking him to Somalia.
-HebB vaccine they say 3000 a year die of hep B they don’t tell you that 90% of those are drug users, hiv people and hi risk groups. How many infants under 2 died from Hep B?
-Some of the vaccines like DTap instead of one shot then 2 shots they not get 4(verify) shots(shot is failing) when is enough enough, lots of aluminum in this one.
-Why can’t we have rational dialogue on the subject.
-We have to change our one size fits all approach. A adult 110 lbs get the same injection as a 250lb man. A kid with serious health problems gets same as a healthy person.
-There is very little reporting of adverse events. Also most doctors ignore them and just say it was a coincidence.
-Wakefield study is verified. Note he was condemned for some minor financial irregularities, but merck and GSK fake studies and kill hundreds and just get a fine, no one is blamed, amazing.
-Health Canada has little credibility, they ignore important data all the time. Look at Vioxx, Darvon, etc every year another drug is pulled.

-There is risk no matter what path we take, vaccinate, not vaccinate or a modified vaccine schedule. Which path is the least risky for you and your kid.

-If the DTaP is not working and they want more boosters, they should separate out the P part and just give that so poor kid not getting so many vaccines. I have studies showing it not work well and that those that are vaccinated become asymtamatic carriers infecting others that are not vaccinated or those where the vaccine has almost worn off.

–Doctors at school will be shown the graph that shows how vaccines have brought down morbidity. They are not shown the chart that shows how mortality was down 95% before the vaccines were invented.
-Anti vaxers say unvaccinated kids are healthier, that is true, but they forget that they are getting help from all the vaccinated kids that have stopped measles etc from being around.
-Put in a section for health canada doctors. Tell them that it possible they are partly wrong too and the truth is somewhere in the middle. They should stop talking to us like we are 8 years old. When they try to convince people to vaccinate they do not deal at all with our real concerns and issues.

-Vaccines are now a 24 billion dollar industry, prices for them have sky rocketed in the last 10 years. Statins are a 29 billion dollar industry.